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 Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers by Keppels

We can design, engineer, produce your Bulk Solid Heat Exchanger for your application.

Special construction details and process advantages:

  • Removable pillowplates for abrasive applications.
  • Manifolds outside the bulk flow.
  • No thermal stress on the pillowplate and housing, to prevent leakage of pillowplates.
  • Complete air tight housing.
  • Standard purge air possibility up to 3000 m³/h.
  • One or more support units.
  • Mass flow.
  • Full acces.
  • Pillowplates and housing in all Stainless Steel types.
  • Spot or laser welded pillowplates.

Granulates that can be heated or cooled:

  • Sugar

    BSHE tower

    Bulk Solid Heat Exchanger

  • Urea
  • PE, HDPE
  • KCl
  • NPK
  • Rapeseed and Sojabeans
  • Sand & Minerals
  • ……….


Bulk Solids heat transfer calculation
The differential heat transfer calculation in a vertical bulk solid cooler or heater for granulates is a normal calculation for us.
With the given Solid product specification or measured specification we can make the heat transfer calculation.
Heat transfer to the solids between the heat transfer pillowplates can be calculated for tons/hour.


Purge air calculation

The purge air needed in a cooling tower is calculated with respect to the dew point and caking.


Pilot plant available to test your application

Please sent us your specific bulk solid heat transfer demand with our contact form.