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Pillowplate knowledge

Pillowplate knowledge, Phases in making a pillowplate from design to ready product:

1. Pillowplate design
2. Pillowplate burst pressure calculation
3. Pillowplate drawing
4. Pillowplate Machine program
5. The Laser Welding
6. Forming of product
7. Pillowplate inflating
8. Plate connections
9. Surface treatment
10. Leakage control
11. Pillowplate pressure test
12. Questions & Answers



Design of a pillowplate is an easy to learn process.

When the pillowplates are laser welded, the final shape of the product can be made by rolling the plates. If flat plates are needed they are kept flat during inflation in an inflation clamping table.

The pillowplate is inflated by water pressure with an air driven pump skid, normally approx. 30 – 50 bars. Pattern, pillowplate thickness and applied water pressure gives a defined pillow.

After inflation, the final connections are made to the pillowplate and a pressure test is made if needed for a Pressure Code.

Inflation time:             10 min. inflation 6 mm pipe connection
.                                       3-5 min. pillowplate inflation
10 min. handling.
Total: 25 minutes

Final connections pillowplate:           A normal pipe connection takes ± 30 minutes.