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Pillowplate machine fiber laser

The 2, 3 and 4 kW fiber laser is used for the automatic pillowplate laser welding machine.

The IPG pillowplate fiber laser source has a lifetime of 100.000 hours and doesn’t need maintenance, therefore extremely suitable for pillowplate laser welding. We have integrated the fiber laser with our own designed laser welding nozzle to obtain perfect laser weld lines and circles.


















Fiber laser advantages:

– 40% effeciency from (electricity to light).
– No welding problems because loss of plasma like CO2 lasers
– Always same laserpower on the product.
– Glass fiber guides laser light to optics. No mirrors used like CO2 lasers.
– Very very low maintenance cost.
– 100.000 hours lifetime.
– Fiberlaser power from 1 to 50 kW available.
– Lasersource uses no gas.
– Welding proces can be with Argon / Nitrogen, no Helium needed.

Pillowplate Fiber laser versus Disc laser:

Big advantage from the fiber laser towards the Trumpf disc laser is that in a IPG laser the laser power is generated in multiple modules and the disk laser in one disc, resulting in a very high heat force in the disc. Also is the Disc laser more expensive and more complex than the fiber laser. Picture of the IPG laser modules: