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Single embossed pillowplate.

The English name has become a standard name for these kind of heat exchange plates. The one side pillow version has become the name “single embossed pillowplate”. This is now world wide accepted and used.

Pillow plate single embossed

Pillow plate single embossed

Pillowplate with a pillow at one side is made when a thin plate is laser welded on a thick plate and during the inflation of the pillow the thick plate does not deform. So a pillowplate where the thin plate has been deformed with a pillow and the thick plate is still flat or in the rolled radius is called a single embossed pillowplate:

Overview of the most used single embossed pillowplate material relationship:

  • pillowplate 0.8 mm + 2.0 mm base plate
  • pillowplate 1.0 mm + 2.5 mm base plate
  • pillowplate 1.2 mm + 4.0 tot 15 mm base plate
  • pillowplate 1.5 mm + 4.0 tot 15 mm base plate
  • pillowplate 2.0 mm + 5.0 tot 15 mm base plate

A big advantage of the laser welded pillowplate is that the plates are lap joint welded from one side and the base plate can have plastic foil on the other side. Through this foil the plates are protected during the handling of the stainless steel plates to pillowplates. Milk tanks with plates 0.8 + 2.0 mm and the 2.0 mm with plastic foil is a application.

Pillowplate can have working pressures of -0.5 bar towards 250 bar.

The application of pillowplate is in the tank building and apparatus building and flat cooling plates.

Pillowplate for Tank builders:
Tank with pillowplateA tank can be utilized with a heat transfer area on the wall or bottom, where you want heat or cool the tank the pillowplate is applied. The pillowplates are normal from stainless steel and are welded with lap joint by fiber laser or CO2 laser in a pillowplate machine. After the laser welding the tank builder van form the not inflated pillowplates to the tank shells / walls. After the tank is made the pillowplate can be inflated to form the real heat exchanger by forming the pillow. Then the final connections can be made to the pillowplate and the heat exchanger is ready.

Pillowplate is used in the following tank building:

  • Beer tanks
  • Wine tanks
  • Milk tanks, Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC)
  • Chocolate tanks
  • Heat recovery tanks
  • Different process tanks
  • Fermenting tanks
  • Truck tanks

Pillowplate for the apparatus building.
Prior to the laser welding the thin and thick plates for the pillowplate can be laser cutted. Therefor it is possible to weld difficult shapes and have pillowplate on demand. The lap joint welded pillowplates can be rolled flat of in a radius bigger than 100 mm. With this possibility all kind of apparatus can be applied with pillowplate. A trough with straight walls and a rounded bottom is possible.

Pillowplate in apparatus are used in:

  • Trough (olive)
  • Square containers
  • Cooled containers
  • Offen walls
  • Climate chambers
  • Pipes
  • Vibration feeders, heated or cooled
  • Freeze dry plates

We can calculate the amount of m2 of pillow plate you need for your heat transferring in your application , see pillowplate heat exchange calculations.

Example application pillowplate:

Single embossed detail picture CO2 laser welded:

pillow plate

pillow plate






pillowplate pillow example