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Pillowplate various

Leakage control

During the inflation the pillowplate heat exchanger is checked on leakage, at this moment the pressure is 50% more than the working pressure and the plate will never reach that again.

Because a register is built with much pillowplates each plate must be checked prior to assembling the register to assure no leakage in the welding circles. A pillowplate register with 200 m2 laser welded surface has already ± 25000 circles and a laser weld failure, any cause, is always possible.


Pillowplate heat exchanger pressure test / PED / ASME

When a pressure vessel, tank or pillowplate heat exchanger, has to be under a Pressure Code like PED or ASME the pressure vessel will have to be pressure tested.

The pillowplate can almost always be designed under a Code.

The Laser Welding Machine should be qualified by welding test and examined.

The Operator should be qualified for operating the machine.

We can advice you with the qualification of the pillowplate laser welding machine and process.