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Ice bank plates

Plates for building ice bank registers with capacities 3 – 5000 kW.

Standard ICE bank plate specifications:

Material:                                 304L / 1.4307
Material thickness:                1.0 + 1.0 mm
No. Connections:                   Plate size dependent
Max. Working pressure:        19 bar
Test Pressure:                       25 bar
Pressure Code:                     PED
Welding:                                Laser Welded + TIG
Surface treatment:                 Pickled and annealed
Refrigerant:                            All common Freons and NH3

Drawing ice bank DX plates: on request

Standard ice bank plate size:

Plate width     Plate height
[mm]                    [mm]

1000          x           900
1900          x          1000
1250          x          2400
1500          x          2900

Price standard ice bank plates a m2 on request.

Specials on request with drawing or custom specification.
Different refrigerant type, application and evaporation temperatures possible. (pumped, flooded, DX)