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Falling Film Water Chiller

The Falling Film Water Chiller is custom made according the needed cooling capacity.

Falling Film water chiller

Falling Film water chiller

Falling Film Water chiller specifications:

Chiller cooling capacity 10 – 2500 kW


– ice water nearly zero degrees centigrade

– pre cooling for ice banks for higher capacity and / or efficiency

Construction parts:

Stainless steel Frame

Stainless steel Chiller plates (laser welded)

Stainless steel Headers inlet and outlet

Stainless steel Doors or Polycarbonate doors

Optional water tank


Refrigerant type:

Freon Direct eXpansion DX: R12, R22, R134a, R404a

NH3 Flooded or NH3 Pumped (R717)

Evaporating temperature:

Waterflow     1 – 500 m3/hour


Water tank can be supplied and are insulated with 40 to 80 mm isolation

Water tank Hot/cold section is possible.

Falling Film chiller price on request.