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Pillowplate Questions & Answers


Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about processing or designing Pillowplate Applications. We have 12 years of experience in pillowplate production and processing. The best way is to submit your application and we can review the pillowplate / dimple jacket usage. Use the contact form.

Q:        Can single embossed pillowplates be used as flat plates?
A:        Yes, to a temperature and pressure level this is possible. This is for each design different.

Q:        Price indication Pump Skid and air pressure needed.
A:        Pump booster ± 800,-   Complete skid: ± 1600,-  euro, Air pressure 8 bar gives water 250 bar.

Q:        What pillowplate thickness is used for steam and why?
A:        1.2 or 1.5 mm, because of water to steam explosions the pillowplate is mechanically stressed.

Q:        What laser welding pillowplate pattern is used for DX systems?
A:        Diamond pattern X= 40/45/50 Y = 60 D=12 mm
Pillowplate 1.0 + 1.0 mm

Q:        What is the life time of a ipg fiber laser used on a pillowplate laser welding machine?
A:        100.000 hours, maintenance is only water and dust filter, laser has hot-swap power reserve.

Q:        Can Keppels Laser Welding BV deliver complete pillowplate systems?
A:        Yes we can design, engineer and produce complete products systems from single pillowplates
to complete registers and housing. Like Tanks, Falling Film Chillers, Ice banks, Crystallizers
etc. We built pillowplate machines / dimple jacket machines / pillowplate laser welders.

Q:        Can you assist in heat transfer calculations?
A:        Yes, for tanks and Falling Film Water Chiller and Cold storage in Ice banks.

Q:        Is it possible to make my own system with pillowplates?
A:        Yes, you can built falling film chillers or icebanks with standard pillowplate evaporator plates.
See the site for more information about the standard sizes pillowplates. We can assist in
engineering the pillowplate system.