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The pillowplate machine overview.

The allround pillowplate machine is an easy to use system and comes with:

  • Hydraulic clamp system.
  • IPG Fiber laser and optics for one or two pillowplate laser welding heads.
  • CNC control and operation software for pillow plates.
  • Stainless steel Safety Cabine and Tables.
  • Pillowplate program generation software (2 minutes for a pillowplate program)

Pillowplate_machine_laser_welding_dimple_jacket-1024x682The pillowplate laser welding system:

The plates are positioned in front of the pillowplate machine and welded in the safety cabine. The plate is processed with steps and the ready welded pillowplate comes out of the cabine on the back side. See following picture, welded pillowplate 0.8+2.5 mm SS304, Bulk milk cooler tank plate:


Movie of the pillowplate machine welding on Youtube:

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