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Pillowplate machine

The plates are welded on the pillowplate machine. The plates are cleaned and positioned at the front side of the laser welding machine. The machine transports and laser weld the plates, the finished laser welded plates comes out on the back side of the pillowplate machine.

Time: 1.5 m2 – 6 m2 an hour, depending on number of laser heads and laser power.

Picture: pillowplate laser welding machine:


The CAD drawing is read into the generation program to make the program for the laser welding machine.

Product specific laser welding parameters are chosen out of the data base.

After a visual check of the real laser welding path, the program can be generated.

Pillowplate machine laser path

Pillowplate machine laser path


Generation time: ± 3 – 5 minutes.

After the laser welding program is made this file is loaded into the Keppels Laser Welding machine.