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Double embossed pillowplate

From the English is the name embossed double used for double embossed pillowplate in the pillowplate world.

pillow plate double embossed

pillow plate double embossed

Pillow Plate with a double bulge on each side is created when two equally thick plates to be welded together, during the inflation of the pillow plate, both plates forming the same. A pillow plate with both sides equaly inflated pillows is called “double embossed pillow plate”.

Overview double pillow embossed plate material ratios

  • pillowplate 0.8 mm + 0.8 mm
  • pillowplate 1.0 mm + 1.0 mm
  • pillowplate 1.2 mm + 1.2 mm
  • pillowplate 1.5 mm + 1.5 mm
  • pillowplate 2.0 mm + 2.0 mm

Pillowplate can have working pressures from -0.5 bar to 250 bar in different applications.

The double embossed pillowplate are used for heat transfer plates. The process areas are the Refrigeration as evaporating plates.

Pillow Plate for Refrigeration: 
The double embossed pillowplate can be seen as a radiator plate which can be cooled. In other words they can be made as a customer made heat exchange plate. The pillow plate is usually used with the cooling medium in the pillowplate.

In the pillow plate, the following refrigerants are used:

  • Iced water 0.5 degrees
  • Glycol
  • Freon, R12, R22, R143a, R404a, ….
  • Ammonia R717
  • CO2

The evaporator cooling plates can be provided with channels or circle patterns, depending on the application medium and type.

Pillowplate Registers.Pillowplate Register
By placing multiple pillow plates next to each other and through headers connected its possible to make large heat exchange surfaces. These registers can be heated or cooled depending on the application.

The pillow plate registers are mainly used in:

  • Falling Film applications – systems
  • Falling Film Chiller
  • Falling Film Water Chiller
  • Ice banks
  • Bulk solid drying / bulk solid heating / Bulk solid cooling
  • Ice machines
  • Heat recovery from hot process air
  • Heat recovery from waste water

Examples of double embossed pillowplate: